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What we offer

Deep analytics

Knowing, understanding and being aware of your players is key role in mobile game growth and competition. With Datacorda, make deep analyzes and track your game metrics and KPIs, accordingly, to better understand where and why players churn.

Innovation in Analytics
Data-Powered Insights
Less Time Consuming


Game Optimization analytics

Instead of using traditional A/B testing method or game optimization techniques, Datacorda uses machine learning algorithms to predict future player behavior, churners, retainers and valuable players after the minute they start playing your game. Therefore, you can take player-specific and behavior-specific actions to different segmented players to increase retention and LTV.

Reduced A/B Testing
Level Optimization
No More Traditional Strategies

Increase in Retention

Retention is curricular metric in mobile games for the growth side. Our Real-time AI-prediction model finds players who are likely to either churn or retain. By finding reasons behind each step of the players, Datacorda offers your game to decrease AD pressure or to ease your game for churn segmented players.

High Retention Rates
Personalized User Actions
Reduced User Acquisition Costs
Precision in Predictive Analytics

Increase in Revenue

Understanding that not all players have the same spending habits, Datacorda enables the implementation of segmented monetization strategies. By predicting and finding low-value and high-value players, tailor players’ in-game offerings and promotions to specific player segments to maximize LTV.

Maximized Revenue
Modern Approach
How it works

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