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Turning Data into Value

Data Collection

With the help of our event design taxonomy, store your data easily by following the step-by-step guide shown in our Documentation. After the integration, Datacorda will handle the data cleaning, analytics and engineering for you.


Machine Learning

After finishing the data connection process, start getting relevant Game’s Deep Analytics. Accordingly, our self-learning AI-models will start learning players’ behaviour. As a result, their next move can be predicted. Being able to predict the next step is curricular step for taking the right actions to increase game metrics.


Analytics Section

Our easy to understand and usable dashboards offer deep analytics and insights into your game's performance. These comprehensive graphics and funnels provide a clear picture of your game's performance and allow you to understand the logic behind the taken actions of the players to optimize player engagement.


Model Section

Our ready to use prediction results offer you player segments depending on their behaviors. With those segments, integrate prediction results easily, start optimizing AD pressure and game difficulties. Additionally, take player-specificand behavior-specific actions to scale-up your game.

About Us

Datacorda is an AI-powered prediction and analytics SaaS platform for mobile games. At Datacorda, we understand the challenges faced by businesses in the mobile gaming industry. High churn rates and the constant struggle to retain players can be overwhelming. That's where we come in. As Datacorda team, we are dedicated to help mobile gaming businesses taking the right actions at the right time, increasing player retention, maximizing revenue and LTV.

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